Training at Musical Theatre Masterclass incorporates all aspects of theatrical arts from singing, dancing and acting. We always try to encourage our students to be creative and innovative. 

Trinity London Examinations 


To introduce more focus and structure to our syllabus here at Musical Theatre Masterclass our students have the option to register for Trinity London examinations in Musical Theatre & Speech and Drama. 

All examinations has an attached fee, payable in advance. These exams can of course be done individually, in pairs or groups and the cost of exams differ for each category.

Prior to the official examination period our students are assessed by our teachers through a mock exam to ensure they are ready and the expectations are met for the exam making them feel confident and ready for the big day. 

Trinity London provides an impressive selection of qualifications that caters for children of all ages from foundation to tertiary level. The program provides a structured framework that is designed to encourage to the development of integrated performance for children. This requires a greater level of commitment in their training. All examinations are accredited in the UK and fully recognised internationally.

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